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What is Melasma?

Melasma is a common skin condition characterised by the emergence of dark (black, grey, or brown) spots on the skin. The human skin consists of three main layers: the outermost is the epidermis, followed by the middle layer called the dermis, and the innermost layer is the subcutis.

These dark spots occur when cells in the epidermis produce an excess amount of a dark pigment called melanin, which can be triggered by exposure to light, heat, or ultraviolet rays, resulting in skin darkening. Melasma is particularly prevalent among women and is often linked to hormonal changes.

Melasma is not physically harmful, but studies have shown that it can lead to psychological problems and poorer quality of life due to the changes it causes in a person's appearance.

What causes Melasma?

Melasma can occur due to various reasons. Some of the most common causes are:

Sun Exposure

Hormonal Fluctuations


Medication & Chemicals

Some Medical Conditions

Treatment Procedure

Step 01: Diagnosis of Melasma

Our doctor diagnoses melasma by examining your face and neck. Skin analysis may be used based on the prevailing condition melasma.

Step 02: Deciding the most suitable treatment combination.

There are different treatments that can help to reduce the melasma condition such as laser therapy, Microneedle RF, Medication, and other topical applications. The doctor will carefully customise the most appropriate treatment/s that will produce results for your melasma concern.

Step 03: Perform the treatment

After deciding the suitable treatment, the doctor will perform the treatment on regular time intervals. The number of sessions will be advised by the doctor during the consultation.

Step 04: Maintain the Results

It is absolutely imperative for anyone to maintain the results of reduced or disappeared melasma on your skin as recurrence after initial successful treatment is high, if good care of the skin is not taken.

The types of Melasma

Epidermal Melasma

Epidermal melasma is identified by its dark brown patches that have well-defined borders, making it distinguishable. These patches become more apparent under black light, which helps in diagnosing this specific type. Fortunately, epidermal melasma typically has a positive response to various treatments, making it manageable for those affected.

Dermal Melasma

Dermal melasma manifests as lighter brown or bluish patches, which often have blurry edges, contrasting with the sharper boundaries of epidermal melasma. When examined under black light, these patches do not show any distinct difference, which is key to its identification. Treatments for dermal melasma can be challenging, and it is known to be less responsive compared to epidermal melasma, requiring more patience and possibly more advanced treatment approaches.

Mixed Melasma

Mixed melasma combines characteristics of both epidermal and dermal melasma, featuring a blend of bluish and brown patches. This type demonstrates a varied pattern under black light, indicative of its dual nature. The response to treatment for mixed melasma typically falls between that of epidermal and dermal types, necessitating a tailored approach to effectively address the specific needs and variations in pigmentation of the individual.

Why Glowwis Aesthetic & Medical Clinic?

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Diminish Melasma And Improve Skin Tone

With Glowwis Melasma Free Treatment

At Glowwis, our Ministry of Health (MOH)-certified doctor, Dr. Sam, specialises in tailored treatments aimed at reducing melasma and evening out your skin tone. Following an in-depth assessment of your skin's specific needs, he will identify the optimal strategy to address your melasma, ensuring that you receive the most effective and individualised care possible.

PICO Laser

The PICO Laser, employing picosecond laser technology, delivers extremely brief laser pulses, reaching deep into the skin to break down melanin, the pigment responsible for melasma patches. Unlike conventional lasers that work on a nanosecond scale, PICO Laser's swift action and photoacoustic impact specifically target and fragment melanin clusters without harming surrounding skin. This method promotes natural healing processes, encouraging collagen and elastin production, vital for skin repair and rejuvenation, making it an effective choice for melasma treatment.

Gold Plated Micro Needle RF

Integrating micro-needling with radiofrequency (RF) energy, the Gold Plated Micro Needle RF treatment stands out for its dual-action approach in melasma care. The procedure stimulates the skin's repair mechanism, enhancing collagen synthesis that’s essential for firm, resilient skin. By delivering RF energy through fine, gold-coated needles into the skin's deeper layers, it encourages collagen remodelling, assisting in the reduction of melasma's appearance. This innovative treatment enhances skin texture and firmness, providing a non-invasive solution for those seeking to diminish melasma and achieve a more even skin tone.

Q-Switched Laser

Renowned for its precision, the Q-Switched Nd-Yag Laser targets and eliminates melanin-rich areas, crucial for treating melasma. By producing short bursts of energy, it selectively breaks down the unwanted pigment in the skin while preserving adjacent tissues. The laser's ability to adjust wavelengths ensures tailored treatment, effectively reducing melasma spots and enhancing skin clarity. This technique not only addresses surface-level concerns but also promotes underlying skin health, offering a comprehensive approach to melasma management.

Sun Protection

Effective sun protection is crucial in the management of melasma, as sun exposure can exacerbate the condition. Consistently applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and minimising direct sun exposure is critical. This proactive approach not only aids in controlling melasma but also amplifies the effectiveness of your treatment, leading to more sustained and noticeable improvements.

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    Treatments by Dr. Sam Pradeep

    Treatments by Dr. Sam Pradeep

    With the aim to make Glowwis the most reliable aesthetic brand in Singapore, Dr. Sam Pradeep, the Medical Director of Glowwis Aesthetic & Medical Clinic curates a wide range of effective treatments to address various concerns and issues.

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    Why Glowwis Treatments?

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    Why you should consider getting Melasma Treatment In Singapore?

    Avoiding Future Skin Damage

    Opting for melasma treatment not only addresses the current pigmentation but also plays a crucial role in preventing further skin damage from environmental factors like sun exposure. Regularly using sun protection and adhering to a skincare regimen are foundational steps in maintaining your skin's health over the long term.

    Customised Treatment Plans

    Professionals can offer tailored treatment strategies for melasma that go beyond what is available over the counter. These personalised plans are designed to lessen the impact of melasma more effectively, offering you targeted and relevant solutions.

    Treating The Root Cause

    Professional intervention is key in identifying and addressing the underlying factors contributing to melasma, such as hormonal fluctuations or certain medications. By targeting the source, treatments can be more effective and provide lasting results.

    Reliable And Trustworthy Treatments

    Undergoing treatment with experienced professionals ensures that you receive safe and effective care. Experts can recommend the best treatment options based on your specific skin type and melasma concerns, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

    The Effectiveness Of Customisation At Glowwis Aesthetic & Medical Clinic: Tailored Solutions That Deliver Results

    Treatments curated according to skin types & concerns
    Tailored by MOH-certified doctor with over 10 years of experience
    Comprehensive skin analysis & treatments

    Melasma Treatment In Singapore


    Are melasma removal treatments painful?

    There will be minimal to no pain. Those with higher sensitivity may experience a slight prickling sensation. However, it is tolerable. To minimise any discomfort, our specialists will apply numbing cream before the procedure.

    How long will the Melasma Free treatment take?

    The treatment will take approximately one hour to one hour and 45 minutes, depending on the treatment and prevailing melasma condition of the individual.

    Is there any downtime after a Melasma Free treatment?

    The treatment is tailored to give minimal downtime so patients can resume their daily activities immediately afterwards. However, some may experience mild peeling or redness post-treatment which should usually subside within 1-2 days.

    How long will the result last?

    The result will typically last around a few months to a year. It also depends on each patient’s consistency with their skin care routine and healthy lifestyle practices.

    Can melasma on the skin be removed permanently?

    The results may vary from person to person. However, your MOH-accredited doctors can assess the severity of your melasma or other types of pigmentations and issue a comprehensive plan to target the spots, diminishing its appearance.

    Can topical skincare help diminish Melasma?

    While we encourage you to practise a good skincare regimen, it’s crucial to note that melasma occurs in the deeper layers of the skin and require professional assessment and care in order to address them.

    Can melasma removal treatment suit all skin types?

    Every treatment focuses on a distinct set of issues and goals. Our doctor will conduct a comprehensive skin analysis for each of our patients to decide the most suitable treatment.

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