Fractional CO2 Laser

Rejuvenate and reveal healthier skin with a resurfacing treatment

What is CO2 Laser?

CO2 Laser addresses a range of skin concerns with the use of a carbon dioxide (CO2) component. The laser promotes the formation of new, healthy skin cells by shedding away the damaged outer layers. This can smooth out the texture of the skin, cure acne scars, and reduce wrinkles.

Before undergoing the treatment, Dr. Sam Pradeep will thoroughly perform a skin analysis on each patient to discuss the specific concerns and expectations associated with the procedure.

What is CO2 Laser effective for?

CO2 Laser can address a variety of skin-related issues and cosmetic concerns. Here are some common problems that CO2 laser treatment can help address:

Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, eyes, and forehead can be significantly reduced through skin resurfacing process which occurs due to CO2 Laser treatment.

Acne Scars

The laser can target and remove the outer layers of skin affected by acne scars, promoting the growth of new skin and improving overall skin texture.

Signs of Ageing

CO2 Laser is effective for general skin resurfacing, addressing uneven skin tone, sun damage, and other signs of ageing.

Skin Lesions

Skin tags, moles, and benign skin growths like warts can all be removed with the laser.


CO2 Laser is used to improve the appearance of various types of scars, including surgical scars and certain types of hypertrophic scars.

Enlarged Pores

The heat generated by CO2 Laser can have a tightening effect on the skin. This tightening may contribute to a smoother skin surface, minimising the appearance of large pores.

How does CO2 Laser work?

CO2 Laser uses a carbon dioxide gas mixture as its active medium. The term “CO2 Laser” specifically refers to the wavelength of the laser beam, which falls in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum at around 10,600 nanometers. This particular wavelength is well-absorbed by water in tissues, making CO2 Laser effective for certain medical and cosmetic procedures.

The high energy from the CO2 Laser can vaporise or remove tissue. In skin resurfacing, for example, the outer layers of damaged skin are ablated, stimulating the growth of new, healthier skin. The use of CO2 Laser requires careful consideration of the specific procedure and the patient’s skin type. Our doctor will consult with each patient to determine its suitability.

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Why CO2 Laser?

Here are some benefits individuals can enjoy from undergoing CO2 Laser treatment:

Skin Resurfacing

The CO2 Laser can be useful in removing damaged skin outer layers and encouraging the formation of new, healthier skin.

Collagen Stimulation

CO2 Laser causes a thermal effect which aids in the production of collagen, causing the skin to appear smooth and tighter.

Scar Reduction

CO2 Laser is used to improve the appearance of scars, including surgical scars and certain types of hypertrophic scars. The laser helps to remodel the scar tissue, making it less noticeable.

Diminishing Spots & Pigmentation

CO2 Laser can be utilised to target various spots and pigmentation on the surface of the skin, resulting in the even skin tone and the reduction of pigmentation.

Tighten the Skin

CO2 Laser, through its skin resurfacing and collagen-stimulating effects, may contribute to a reduction in the size of enlarged pores.

Precision & Control

CO2 Laser provides a high level of precision, allowing our doctor to target specific areas with accuracy. This precision is crucial for minimising damage to surrounding tissues.

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    The Cost of CO2 Laser Treatment

    The cost for CO2 Laser treatment in Singapore can range between $300 onwards. However, there are several factors that influence the cost such as the specific technology used, the treatment area, and the number of sessions required. If you need a price quote, contact us now and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Fractional CO2 Laser


    Is CO2 Laser treatment painful?

    The pain is considered to be minimal.However, local anaesthesia or numbing cream is often applied to minimise discomfort.

    How long does a CO2 Laser treatment session take?

    Treatment duration ranges between 10 to 20 minutes. However, it largely depends on skin concerns, conditions, and goals of each patient.

    What is the downtime after CO2 Laser treatment?

    The intensity of the treatment may cause redness, swelling, and peeling. However, gentler treatments often come with shorter downtime.

    How many sessions are needed for optimal results?

    The amount of sessions can vary according to each individual's concerns, goals, and the depth of the treatment performed.

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