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What is Pico Laser?

Pico laser or picosecond laser is a type of laser technology that produces incredibly brief laser pulses that are measured in picoseconds, or trillionths of a second. Because it is non-invasive and non-surgical, this treatment is appropriate for people with hectic schedules or sensitivity issues. The laser can address multiple areas such as the face, body, and neck.

What is Pico Laser effective for?

Pico Laser technology is used to treat a range of dermatological and aesthetic concerns. Some of the common conditions and aesthetic concerns, some of which include:


Pico Lasers are effective in treating various pigmentation concerns such as sunspots, age spots, liver spots, freckles, melasma, etc.

Tattoo Removal

Pico Lasers are widely used for tattoo removal due to their ability to break down tattoo ink particles into smaller fragments. This facilitates the body's natural removal processes.

Skin Rejuvenation

The improvement in skin texture and firmness is achieved due to the collagen production which is stimulated during the Pico Laser procedure, aiding in overall skin rejuvenation.

Acne Scars

By dissolving scar tissue and encouraging collagen remodelling, pico lasers can be useful in reducing the visibility of acne scars.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Pico Laser treatments can help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the face and neck.

Enlarged Pores

Pico Lasers may contribute to the reduction of enlarged pores, enhancing overall skin texture.

How does Pico Laser work?

Pico Laser, short for picosecond laser, works by delivering ultra-short pulses of laser energy in the picosecond range (one trillionth of a second). This is significantly shorter than the pulses generated by traditional lasers, which often operate in the nanosecond range.

The photoacoustic effect in Pico Laser technology allows the laser energy to be rapidly absorbed by targeted tissues, creating a pressure wave or acoustic shockwave. This effect is a key mechanism in Pico Lasers, contributing to their efficacy in breaking down pigment particles in the skin, such as those in pigmented lesions or tattoo ink.

PicoLO’s DOE Fractional Laser Beam can safely generate optical breakdown in tissue, leading to an enhanced inflammatory healing process resulting in production of collagen and elastin.

High Stability for Optimal Results

Stability is a key factor to maintain peak power to deliver optimal results with picosecond lasers. LASEROPTEK provides the highest stability in both output energy and pulse duration at 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths. This high stability can be maintained throughout and helps to induce LIOB even at low fluence.

There is little downtime associated with Pico Laser as it is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Following therapy, patients can resume their regular activities. It is also adaptable and useful for a number of purposes, such as treating acne scars, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and pigmentation correction.

Traditional Laser vs PICO Laser
Traditional Laser vs PICO Laser

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Why Pico Laser?

Pico Laser can be beneficial for several reasons. These include:


Due to its versatility, Pico Laser can be used to target various skin concerns which includes pigmentation, tattoo removal, improving fine lines, and many more.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is achieved through the stimulation of collagen from Pico Laser procedure. A youthful appearance is easily obtained from an improvement in skin elasticity, firmness, and texture.

Individualised Treatment Plans

The treatment can be tailored according to each skin type and concerns. Our doctor will help put together a bespoke treatment by adjusting parameters such as pulse duration and energy level based on an individual's needs.

Reduced downtime

Pico Laser treatments often result in less downtime compared to some traditional laser treatments. The minimised impact on surrounding tissues and the body's natural clearance of fragmented pigments contribute to quicker recovery times.

Tattoo Removal

Pico Lasers are highly effective for tattoo removal due to their ability to break down tattoo ink into smaller fragments. This facilitates the body's natural clearance of the ink, resulting in gradual tattoo fading.

Address Pigmentation

Pico Lasers can address various pigmentation concerns, including sunspots, age spots, freckles, and melasma. The precise targeting of pigment particles leads to effective pigmentation correction.

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    The Cost of Pico Laser Treatment

    The cost of Pico Laser treatment in Singapore can vary widely depending on several factors. It can range between $150 to $400, depending on the type of Pico Laser used, the area being treated, and the number of sessions required. At Glowwis, we offer an affordable trial price of $80 for Pico laser trial treatments to not only suit your concerns and conditions but also within your budget.

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    Pico Laser In Singapore


    Is Pico Laser safe for all skin types?

    Pico laser technology is designed to be safe for various skin types, including fair to dark skin tones. The ultra-short pulses minimise the risk of thermal damage to surrounding tissues, making it suitable for a broad range of individuals.

    How many sessions are typically needed for Pico laser treatments?

    The number of sessions required depends on the specific skin concern being addressed and individual factors. While some individuals may see results after a single session, a series of treatments is often recommended for optimal outcomes. Our doctor will provide personalised recommendations during the consultation.

    Is Pico Laser treatment painful?

    Patients often report less discomfort during Pico laser treatments compared to some traditional lasers. The ultra-short pulses contribute to a more comfortable experience. Topical numbing agents may be applied to enhance patient comfort.

    Are results from Pico laser treatments permanent?

    Results from Pico Laser treatments can be long-lasting, but maintenance sessions may be recommended for certain concerns. The longevity of results depends on factors such as the treated condition, individual skin characteristics, and lifestyle factors.

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