Acne Removal treatments in Singapore.

Many knows acne as pimples. Continuous pimple breakouts can lead to acne and acne scars. This is one of the most common conditions, not only in Singapore but also in other parts of the world.

Acne sometimes will be painful, create discomfort, lead to emotional distress, loss of confidence, self-esteem and particularly may lead to acne scarring leaving you a dent skin.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to treat acne and acne scars without any delay.

What is Acne and its formation?

Acne occurs when the pores of your skin become blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria.

Inflammation and pimples develop when skin bacteria grow inside the hair follicles after being plugged and block sebum.

While people of all ages and races develop acne at different stages of their lives, acne most often begins in puberty. Starting from about 11 years of age, acne may occur In young adults who are in their 30’s and people whose skin is naturally more oily.

ACE Or Pimple Formation

What triggers Acne?

What are the different types of Acne?

Whiteheads (closed comedones):
These pimples are sealed over and have a small white pus-filled top.

Blackheads (open comedones):
These pimples have a small, black opening at the top. Although these pimples are black, the color is not from dirt. It’s from the process of oxidation when the sebum is exposed to air.

These are tender, small pink bumps.

Pimples that have pus on the top and are red on the bottom of the lesion. These are characteristics of inflammatory acne.

These are hard, large, painful pimples that arise deep in the skin.

Pus-filled, deep, painful pimples that often result in scars.

Stage of acne development

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Is the treatment painful?

Facials and LDM treatments provide maximum comfort to the patient with no pain. Laser and micro needle RF treatments may feel slightly tingly or prickle which is tolerable. We apply numbing cream before the procedure to ensure no or minimum pain to the patient.

When Can I see Results?

You will see results from 3 weeks to 1 month. 

What If I don’t treat Acne?

It could lead to a scar or infection or worsen your breakouts. 

What else can I do to prevent acne breakouts?

Wash your face twice a day with mild soap-free wash, warm water and a soft face cloth.

Use sun protection, such as a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen to protect your skin whenever you are in the sun.

Remove your makeup before you go to bed.

Shampoo your hair regularly, especially if it is oily and rests on your skin.

Have a well-balanced, healthy diet and exercise regularly.