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What is Milia Seed?

Tiny, benign, pearly-white, or yellowish cysts known as milia, or "milia seeds," usually show up on the face, particularly in the areas surrounding the eyes, nose, and cheeks. However, they can also show up on other body parts. These tiny, hard bumps are called superficial keratin-filled cysts, and they develop when dead skin cells get trapped beneath the skin's surface.

What causes Milia Seed?

The exact cause of milia is not always clear, but these are the factors that may contribute to the issue:

Skin Damage or Injury

Heavy Skincare Products

Sun Exposure

Genetic Predisposition

What is Moles?

Moles or Nevi, are recognisable by its brown or black colour. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colours and can appear anywhere on the skin. Melanocytes, which produce pigment, are the cells that give moles their distinctive colour. They can vary in quantity and appearance over time, and they typically emerge between childhood and adolescence. Even while moles are often benign, certain people may be more susceptible to developing melanoma, a kind of skin cancer, or unusual moles (dysplastic nevi). Consider paying our doctor a visit should you have any concerns or notice any changes in your moles.

What causes Moles?

Moles are primarily caused by the clustering or grouping of melanocytes, which are the pigment-producing cells in the skin. However, there are also other factors that contribute to the development of moles:


Sun Exposure



What is Skin Tags?

Skin tags, often referred to as acrochordons, are benign, small, soft growths that usually show up as tiny, fleshy protrusions on the skin. Skin tags are prevalent and can appear on the neck, groyne, underarms, eyelids, and under the breasts, among other areas of the body. They can come in rounded or in an uneven form. They could have a rounded or uneven form. Skin tags can be irritating even though they are usually harmless, especially if they appear in areas that are prone to irritation or friction.

What causes Skin Tags?

The exact cause of skin tags (acrochordons) is not fully understood, but these several factors may contribute to their development:

Friction and Irritation

Hormonal Changes


What is Keloids?

Keloids is an elevated overgrowth of scar tissue that appears after a wound, cut, surgical incision, vaccination site, or acne lesion. The scars grow larger than the original damage and extend beyond the wound or incision site, in contrast to regular scars, which are often flat and disappear over time. Minor skin injuries can also cause keloids to form, and some people may be more genetically prone to getting them.

What causes Keloids?

There are several factors may contribute to the development of Keloids on the skin:

Tension on the Skin




Why Glowwis Aesthetic & Medical Clinic?

Qualified Experts
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Comprehensive Skin Analysis

Diminish Imperfections On The Skin

With Glowwis Treatment Options

Glowwis provides a comprehensive approach to target unsightly imperfections across the skin. Dr. Sam Pradeep will assess each patient’s conditions and goals to provide the most suitable treatment to effectively address the issues.

Q Switch Laser

Q-switched lasers are commonly used for mole removal. The laser work is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This principle involves using a specific wavelength of light that is absorbed by the targeted pigmented tissue (melanin in the case of moles) without significantly affecting the surrounding skin. The body's natural healing process then helps remove the treated mole over time.

Fractional Co2 Laser

To remove warts, CO2 Laser is utilised. The wart contracts and eventually falls off as a result of the laser's destruction of the blood vessels supplying it. Our doctor can precisely manage how much tissue is removed when using CO2 lasers. This accuracy is crucial for locating the wart and eliminating it with the least amount of harm inflicted on the surrounding healthy tissue

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels can be used as they help to rejuvenate and improve the texture, tone, and pigmentation of the skin. The chemical solution which normally consists of BHA and AHA acid serve to exfoliate the outer skin layer, promoting new and healthier skin underneath.


Dr. Sam Pradeep will perform a comprehensive skin analysis to identify the condition of the patient and prescribe medications upon necessary.

Steroids Injections For Keloids

Steroid injections, with their anti-inflammatory and collagen-inhibiting properties, are commonly used to treat keloid scars by reducing inflammation, softening and flattening the scar tissue, and preventing recurrence after surgical removal.

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    Treatments by Dr. Sam Pradeep

    Treatments by Dr. Sam Pradeep

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    General Habits to prevent Milia Seed

    Sun Protection

    Sun protection helps lessen the chance of sun and UV damage, which often gives rise to a number of skin conditions.

    Gentle Skin Care

    Use mild, fragrance-free cleansers and skincare products. Harsh or irritating products can contribute to skin issues and aggravate existing conditions.

    Avoiding Picking Or Scratching

    Refrain from picking at your skin, especially at moles, warts, or other growths. Picking can lead to irritation, infection, and potentially worsen the condition.

    Healthy Lifestyle

    Leading a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, sufficient water intake, and balanced meals will improve your skin health.

    Avoiding Tight Clothing

    In areas prone to skin tags or irritation, avoid wearing excessively tight clothing to reduce friction and rubbing.

    Regular Skin Checks

    Examine your skin regularly and identify changes if any, paying particular attention to moles. See a dermatologist if you discover any new growths, changes in a mole's colour, size, or shape, or if it starts to bleed or become bothersome.

    How to Treat Milia Seed

    The treatment of milia, moles, warts, skin tags, and keloids varies depending on the type of skin condition and its characteristics. While professional guidance is highly advised for these issues, Dr. Sam recommends these approaches to address them.


    Mind-body Practices

    Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and physical activity help to reduce chronic stress, thus improving your overall skin health.


    Proper Care

    Use topical creams and medications to address your skin issue. To find the most suitable medication, a doctor or pharmacist is able to help you.


    Prompt Treatment

    If you notice any unusual or changing skin growths, seek prompt evaluation and treatment from our doctor. Early intervention can be crucial for certain skin conditions.

    Why you should consider getting Milia Seed/ Mole/ Wart/Skin Tag/ Keloid Removal Treatments?

    Improve Appearance

    Many people choose to remove these skin growths for cosmetic reasons, especially if they are in visible areas or if they cause self-consciousness.

    Reduce Irritation

    Skin tags, for example, can be prone to irritation, especially in areas of friction. Removing them can alleviate discomfort.

    Prevention Of Infection

    Skin tags and certain skin growths can be prone to infection, and removal can help reduce this risk.

    Health Monitoring

    As part of a skin cancer prevention strategy, suspicious moles should be routinely examined and removed. Make your way to the dermatologist should you notice any changes in the colour, size, or form of moles.

    The Effectiveness Of Customisation At Glowwis Aesthetic & Medical Clinic: Tailored Solutions That Deliver Results

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    Milia Seed/ Mole/ Wart/Skin Tag/ Keloid Removal Treatments


    Can I remove skin growths at home?

    Avoid removing your keloid at home by all means. Any procedure done without professional guidance can lead to can lead to infection or scarring in skin growth.

    Is removal painful?

    There is minimal to no pain. Local anaesthesia is often used for procedures like excision.

    Will removal leave a scar?

    The risk of scarring depends on factors such as the type of growth, its size, and the method of removal. Some methods, like laser removal, may minimise scarring.

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