Dark Eye Circle Treatment

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What is Dark Circle & Eye Bags?

Dark circles, also known as periorbital dark circles or under-eye circles, refers to the discoloration of the skin around the eyes. They appear as dark, often purplish or bluish, shadows beneath the eyes and can vary in intensity and size. Dark circles can affect both men and women and are commonly associated with fatigue and lack of sleep, but they can also result from a variety of other factors.

The swelling or puffiness that exist under the eyes is referred to as "eye bags." They are distinguished by the lower eyelid protruding, giving the impression of a bag. Due to overnight fluid retention, they are identified by the protruding lower eyelids, severe or chronic eye bags may indicate an underlying medical issue, although small eye bags are mostly a cosmetic concern.

What causes Dark Circle & Eye Bags?

Dark circles and eye bags can result from a combination of various factors, and the causes can vary from person to person. Here are some common factors that contribute to the development of dark circles and eye bags:



Thin Skin

Fatigue and Lack of Sleep

Fluid Retention

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Achieve a youthful and rejuvenated appearance! At Glowwis, we provide a range of treatments to address the appearance of dark circles and eye bags. Each patient will be assessed by Dr. Sam Pradeep to ensure the best approach that aligns with their conditions and goals.


Q-switched Laser (Nd-YAG laser) has the ability to generate brief pulses in the nanosecond range. This quick energy transfer aids in the breakdown of pigmented particles without inflicting excessive harm on the surrounding tissue. In addition to addressing pigmentation, it increases the creation of collagen, which results in skin that is tighter and firmer.


Dermal Fillers can address dark circles and smoothen the appearance of eye bags thanks to its hyaluronic acid and other biocompatible content. Once administered into the targeted areas, it plumps the under-eye, providing volume and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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    Treatments by Dr. Sam Pradeep

    Treatments by Dr. Sam Pradeep

    With the aim to make Glowwis the most reliable aesthetic brand in Singapore, Dr. Sam Pradeep, the Medical Director of Glowwis Aesthetic & Medical Clinic curates a wide range of effective treatments to address various concerns and issues.

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    General Habits to prevent Dark Circle & Eye Bags


    Ensure you get enough quality sleep each night. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep to allow your body and skin to regenerate.


    Consume fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and other vitamin- and mineral-rich foods. Foods high in nutrients promote your skin's overall health.


    If you have allergies, work with a healthcare professional to manage them effectively. Allergic reactions can contribute to inflammation and the appearance of dark circles.


    Using sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats can protect the delicate eye area from UV rays which are known to worsen the appearance of dark circles.


    Excessive alcohol intake can impact your sleep and cause dehydration, making your dark circles and eye bags appear more prominent.


    Smoking accelerates the ageing process and can contribute to the breakdown of collagen, leading to the development of dark circles and eye bags.

    How to Treat Dark Circle & Eye Bags

    There are several approaches to reduce the severity of dark circles and eye bags. These are:



    Maintaining a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, getting enough sleep, limiting alcohol, and avoiding smoking are key to not only improving the appearance of dark circles and eye bags but also overall health.



    Gently remove your eye makeup to avoid irritation and incorporate retinoids, antioxidants, and caffeine in your eye care routine to rejuvenate the eye area.



    A professional can guide the patient through their suitability for the intended treatment after a thorough consultation to identify the causes and severity of dark circles and eye bags.

    Why you should consider getting Dark Eye Circle Treatment?


    Dark circles and eye bags contribute to a worn-out and aged appearance. By addressing the condition, it helps to promote a radiant and fresh complexion.


    Dark circles and eye bags can make a person appear exhausted. Pinpointing it helps to restore a youthful and revitalised appearance.


    Dark circles are often caused by pigmentation or visible blood vessels. Removal treatments can minimise discolouration, leading to a more even skin tone.


    Without prominent dark circles or bags, makeup application around the eyes can be smoother, allowing for a more flawless finish.

    The Effectiveness Of Customisation At Glowwis Aesthetic & Medical Clinic: Tailored Solutions That Deliver Results

    Treatments curated according to skin types & concerns
    Tailored by MOH-certified doctor with over 10 years of experience
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    Dark Eye Circle Treatment


    Can dark circles and eye bags be prevented?

    Practicing healthy lifestyle habits, such as getting enough sleep, consuming a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and shielding the skin from the sun, can help avoid or lessen the severity of dark circles and under eye bags.

    Are dark circle and eye bag removal treatments permanent?

    The effectiveness and duration of removal treatments vary. Some treatments offer temporary results, while others may provide longer-lasting effects. Maintenance sessions may be required for sustained results.

    How long does it take to recover from non-surgical treatments?

    There is minimal to no downtime, when the procedures are done with a qualified and skill full professional.

    How do I choose the right treatment for my dark circles and eye bags?

    Speak to a professional to discuss your unique concerns and get the best treatment plan based on your goals, skin type, and medical background.

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