Are you struggling with dark eye circles or eye bags? Glowwis is here to help you get rid of your dark eye circles and eye bags, whether they are the result of lack of sleep, too much stress, or any other reason. There are several non-invasive methods to get rid of the appearance of dark eye circles.

The Role of Blood Vessels and Thin Skin Surface

Q- switched lasers provide the optimal performance for the treatment of pigment removal under the eyes. The superior energy stability and perfect beam profile enable stable and effective thermal energy delivery to the target area.

What Are Dark Eye Circles?

As we get older, our skin integrity decreases, and fat and bone diminish, causing a reduction in volume under the eye area, which leaves the eyes looking dark and sunken. Dark eye circles, often called panda eyes, can leave your eyes looking hollow and tired.

Ageing skin can become hyperpigmented and thin, giving one an appearance of dark eye circles. Weakening of skin over the eyelid, causing herniation or protrusion of the fat around the eye, leads to eye bags.

Apart from that, the loss of bone and loss of cheek/malar fat can cause tear troughs, which are depressions between the lower eyelid and upper cheek,, making eyebags look more severe.

How Lifestyle Choices Contribute to Dark Eye Circles

Lack of sleep, excessive sun exposure, and dehydration can lead to dark eye circles. These factors affect skin texture and tone, causing the dark under eye circles to appear more prominent. Blood circulation plays a vital role in the appearance of the eyes, and poor lifestyle choices can worsen it.

We at Glowwis use a multi-mode treatment combination to address issues of dark eye circles, eye bags, and tear troughs in a holistic way to provide optimum results to all our patients.

What Are the Causes of Dark Eye Circles?

Lack of Sleep

Staying up late hours past your usual bedtime can cause dark eye circles. Dull and paler skin underneath the puffy eyes can directly be related to sleep deprivation. Extended screen time and eye strain can also contribute to the appearance of dark eye circles.


This is commonly seen as people age due to the reduction in fat, collagen, and elasticity in your skin that causes under eye dark circles. The skin beneath the eye is thin and softer than the other parts of the face. Therefore, under eye dark circles can easily occur due to ageing.


When you have an allergic reaction, your body releases histamines to fight off the invader. This causes several symptoms, including itchiness, redness, and puffy eyes.


This is yet another reason why everyone needs to keep hydrated enough all the time. The skin beneath your eyes begins to look dull, and your eyes look sunken when your body is not well hydrated.

Sun overexposure

Overexposure to the sun can cause many skin and cosmetic problems for both men and women. Too much sun exposure, can cause pigmentation in the skin surrounding the eyes to darken.


Under eye dark circles can be inherited from your family. These inherited under eye dark circles or panda eyes can be seen even in childhood.

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How to Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles?

1. Nano Laser

Q-switched lasers provide the suitable performance for the treatment of pigment removal under the eyes. The energy stability and beam profile enable stable and effective thermal energy delivery to the target area. Not all lasers are suitable for dark circle removal; our Q-switched lasers are specifically designed for this purpose.

2. Under-Eye Threads

Under-eye thread is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that lifts and tightens the skin in the under-eye area. As threads help to speed up collagen production, this is considered a method used to reduce the dark circles under the eyes.

  • Under-eye thread lift will take about 30 minutes
  • There may be 3-4 days recovery time.
  • Minimum pain

3. Fillers

Dermal fillers is a non-invasive solution with minimal downtime. The use of dermal fillers is commonly used among people in Singapore for getting rid of under-eye dark circles, eye bags, and tear trough. 

  • The procedure will take about 10 – 15 minutes
  • Minimum pain
  • Results can be seen immediately after the procedure
  • There is minimal or no downtime, but some patients experience mild swelling and slight bruising.
  • The results will last for about 8 -12 months.

Choosing the Right Dark Eye Circle Treatments

Stimulating Collagen Production and Improving Skin Tone

Treating dark eye circles requires a comprehensive approach that may include laser treatments, hyaluronic acid fillers, and therapies to stimulate collagen production. These treatments work to improve skin pigmentation, skin thickness, and deep layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of dark eye circles.

Home Remedies and Eye Creams for Dark Eye Circles

Home remedies like a cold compress can help reduce swelling, and over-the-counter eye creams containing hyaluronic acid may offer temporary relief for dark eye circles. These natural remedies work by soothing the eye skin and promoting collagen growth.

However, if you’re seeking a more targeted approach, Glowwis provides specific dark eye circle treatments in Singapore. These treatments are designed to address the underlying causes of dark eye circles, offering an alternative to home remedies.

What Is an Effective Treatment to Get Rid of Tear Trough?

For this matter, you need professional advice. Our doctor will go through your medical history and use a skin analyser to provide you with a detailed analysis of your eyes and face. Based on this, you can make the right decision with the recommendations of our doctor and get rid of under eye dark circles, eye bags, and tear trough.

Are Under-Eye Dark Circles Permanent?

These can appear and disappear from time to time. Although some people have these dark circles that last for a shorter period, others struggle with the long-lasting hollowness that creates an older look. How long they last will depend on individual skin and health conditions. You may have experienced very dark circles on some days but have a lighter appearance on other days. It is best to consult our doctor to know more details about your condition and find out ways to get rid of your dark circles beneath the eye.

What Are Tear Trough Fillers?

Tear trough fillers are an increasingly popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment amongst many people in Singapore. Tear trough filler treatment, also referred to as under-eye filler or dermal filler, is a popular cosmetic solution for tackling tired-looking eyes. This replaces the lost volume due to the natural ageing process. Tear trough fillers are used to correct tear trough deformity, producing a fresher, more rejuvenated look, and a break from tired-looking eyes.

Where Is the Tear Trough Area?

The interface between our lower eyelids and upper cheek is referred to as the tear trough area.

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The Science Behind Dark Eye Circles Treatment

Understanding Loose Skin, Sagging Skin, Droopy Eyelids, and Dilated Blood Vessels

Dark eye circles removal involves addressing underlying issues like loose skin, sagging skin, droopy eyelids, and dilated blood vessels. Factors like sun exposure, skin colour, and the natural ageing process can lead to these problems.

Our treatments in Singapore focus on restoring delicate skin and skin texture, using methods like ultrasound energy to achieve a balanced skin tone.

Addressing Dark Brown Pigmentation and Red Blood Cells Leak

Dark brown pigmentation and red blood cell leaks are unique challenges in treating dark eye circles. Our treatments in Singapore consider these factors, using techniques in facial sculpting to help restore facial contours and reduce the appearance of saggy skin.

Why Choose Glowwis for Dark Eye Circle Removal?

Informative Approach

Our team believes in educating patients about dark eye circles, the available treatments, and common misconceptions. We provide insights into how treatments like dermal fillers and laser treatments work, and what patients can expect during and after the procedure.

Treatment Options

Glowwis offers a range of treatments for dark eye circles, including but not limited to dermal fillers, under-eye threads, and Nano Laser. Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and the underlying causes of their dark eye circles.

Qualified Team

Our clinic is staffed with MOH-accredited practitioners. They are committed to understanding your concerns and providing care that aligns with your needs. We ensure that the treatments are carried out carefully. This includes methods to minimise discomfort and recovery time.