Pico Laser treatment is a safe and effective way to remove pigmentation, minimises pores, evens out skin tones, reduces acne scars, improves skin texture, removes sun spots, etc…

What is Pico Laser?

If you’re looking for a non-surgical and non-invasive skin treatment for your skin concerns, PICO Laser is the right choice for you. Pico technology is a safe laser treatment for your face, neck and body. Benefits include: Minimum or no downtime, painless and instant visible results. This technology is strong and effective enough to solve your skin concerns with natural-looking results.

Even the *sensitive skin can be treated by Pico Laser.

What can Pico laser be used to treat?

  • To remove skin pigmentation or skin discoloration such as Melasma, sun spots, freckles, birthmarks, etc..
  • To recover skin imperfections such as large pores, acne and acne scars
  • Comprehensive skin rejuvenation therapy that takes care of your skin aging concerns
  • Unwanted tattoo removal
  • To reduce the appearance of your stretch marks
  • To brighten skin and improve the texture/ elasticity of the skin
  • To solve aging skin concerns such as dark patches, uneven tones on your skin
  • To enhance the collagen & elastin production in the skin, resulting in a fuller, softer and more youthful complexion.

How does Pico laser work?

Pico technology produces a range of wavelengths that are suitable for your target area of the skin. Pico stands for picoseconds which means one trillionth of a second. It produces concentrated energy, less photo-thermal effect in each second on your skin to lesser irritation. It delivered higher photo-acoustic effect that gives more energy in healing process of your skin.

The laser’s effect is very gentle. It allows specific areas and small skin particles to be treated without the risk of thermal damage. Pico is safe to apply any area of the face and body. This technology can be also used to treat a huge variety of skin on all types of skin. The treatment is super-fast with minimum or no downtime.

What are the benefits of Pico laser?

Pico laser is an innovative technology; it stimulates collagen production which is a huge benefit for repairing and remodelling your skin. It is scientifically proven technology of its ability to tackle scars.

It is one of the most cost-effective treatments compare to the benefits you will enjoy after each treatment. The technology breaks up the stubborn pigmentations or scars, by absorbing the light energy that emitted by Pico technology. It helps the unwanted skin condition causing to fade.

The result is noticeable and permanent in just a few sessions.

It is safe and can be used on any part of your skin. Pico equipment are used in the cosmetic dermatology industry to repair your skin concerns in non-surgical and non-invasive manners. The energy emitted from the laser contracts your new skin cells and activates them to manufacture new collagen and elastin without any pain.


Is the procedure painful?

Pico Laser is a painless procedure. You may have some redness, but this usually recovers within a few hours.

Any down time?

There will be little to no downtime after the treatment. You can resume normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Doctor will instruct you after-care to achieve best results. Doctor will also provide a caring instruction after your procedure. You’ll need to follow instructions such as:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure and extreme heats like tanning beds, sauna, onsen bath or ice bath.
  • Avoid retinoid for 2 to 4 days before the visit and after the visit.
  • Avoid alcohol for 1 week after the treatment.

How long is the procedure?

It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes in each session.  

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, Pico laser is a scientifically proven procedure that is safe and gentle on your skin. The pulses produced by Pico lasers are surprisingly gentle, non-ablative, ultra-short pulses that the laser does not damage the surface of your skin. 

What Is the cost of Pico laser?

Please contact us to find out the cost of the treatment. It may vary depending on your concerns and skin conditions. However, we provide the most cost-effective treatments in Singapore that you need for your skin.

How many sessions of Pico laser should I do?

Our trained professionals and MOH doctor will do a thorough evaluation to find the best and most cost-effective Pico laser treatment for your skin concerns. The frequency of the treatment varies and depends on the individual patient.

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