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What is Aesthefill?

Aesthefill is a collagen-stimulation filler hailing from Korea, distinguished by its composition of polylactic acid (PDLLA), a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer that holds US FDA approval and is also used in lifting thread materials. Functioning as a catalyst for natural collagen production, Aesthefill works as a safe and enduring neocollagenesis filler, capable of restoring facial volume for an impressive duration of up to 24 months. Operating within the deep dermis, it gradually stimulates collagen production, reinstating a well-defined facial contour.

Recommended Skin Type for Aesthefill

Ageing Skin

Dull and Dry Skin

Sagging Skin

What is Aesthefill effective for?


PDLLA/Collagen fillers reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promoting younger-looking skin.

Skin Tigtening

These fillers enhance natural skin elasticity and firmness through boosted collagen production.

Volume Enhancement

Essential in replenishing facial volume loss with age, these fillers restore skin plumpness and fullness


Adds structure and volume to the face, improving its shape and symmetry.

Scar Smoothing

Effective in reducing the visibility of scars, including acne scars, by fostering skin regeneration.

Improve the appearance of pores

Skin fillers can refine skin texture and shrink enlarged pores for an even skin tone.

How does Aesthefill work?

The treatment involves the injection of polylactic acid to stimulate collagen regeneration, promoting a more natural facial volume compared to other dermal fillers. The effects of Aesthefill are characterised by a gradual and natural-looking restoration of volume, showcasing a plumped and refreshed appearance.

The injections are strategically administered to areas with significant volume loss or across the entire face if the skin exhibits signs of sagging and dryness. The procedure concludes with a gentle massage to ensure the even distribution of the gel within the deeper layers of the dermis.

Areas suitable for Aesthefill

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What is Aesthefill effective for?

Comfort and Safety

This method encompasses a non-invasive approach, ensuring client comfort and safety. It eliminates the need for surgical cuts, stitches, and reduces the chances of bleeding, streamlining the cosmetic enhancement process.

FDA-Approved and Biocompatible

AestheFill uses PLAS, a component that has been on the FDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list since 1984. This ensures high biocompatibility and minimises allergic reactions, while promoting natural-looking volume enhancements through collagen and tissue stimulation.

Long-Lasting Effects

The product is designed for prolonged effectiveness, with results lasting up to two years. This longevity is attributed to the slow breakdown of the active ingredients and the sustained process of neocollagenesis, maintaining volume and reducing the frequency of treatments.

Efficient and Minimal Downtime Procedure

The application of Aesthefill is swift and efficient, allowing clients to resume their daily activities within 1-2 hours. This quick recovery period is ideal for individuals seeking cosmetic improvements with minimal interruption to their lifestyle.

The Cost of Aesthefill

The cost of Aesthefill can start from $1000 to $1800 per session. Our doctor will perform a skin analysis to determine the number of sessions you may need and provide a price quote.

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Is there any downtime after getting the Aesthefill treatment?

Aesthefill has no downtime. However, some individuals may experience slight bruising or redness in the treatment area which generally disappears within a few days.

How long do the results last?

Results from Aesthefill can generally last up to 24 months.

How many sessions of Aesthefill are needed for optimal results?

Three sessions are usually recommended to see results. However, our doctor will perform a skin analysis to help determine the number of treatments needed.

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