What is a flat nose?

Flat nose is a result of having a low nasal bridge which is the bony area at the top of your nose. As we Asians mostly own flat noses, the popularity of nose augmentation is high in Singapore. There are non- surgical methods to reshape your flat nose aesthetically appealing.

What is a hooked nose?

A hooked nose, also known as an aquiline nose, describes a nose with a high dorsum or bridge and a low tip that droops. This is a nose that I often describe as being out of balance. Although, this is a normal condition, many people dislike the hook nose due to its imbalanced appearance in proportionate to the other facial features.

What are the Flat nose treatments in Singapore?

  • Nose Fillers
  • Nose thread lift
  • Implants and surgery (Rhinoplasty)

How we treat flat Nose?

At Glowwis, we use Nose fillers and Nose threads to augment the shape of the nose. However, the doctor will provide recommendations for suitable treatments based on prevailing nose shape and condition, after the consultation.

Nose Fillers

What are nose fillers?

Nose fillers are a safe and effective way of reshaping your nose. The nose fillers can be used primarily to make the nose look smaller by narrowing the nose bridge. This helps to streamline the overall shape of the nose the best appealing way.

Benefits of Nose Fillers

Restructure the shape of the nostrils.

Smooth out bumps and uneven contours.

Improve nose profile and chin projection for optimal symmetry.

Maintain a naturally balanced look.

1. Is procedure painful?

Dermal fillers are not painful but may cause some minor discomfort as they go under the skin. However, our experienced staff will take necessary precautions to reduce the discomfort during the procedure.

2. Any down time?

There is little to no downtime, and you can resume normal activities right away.

3. How long is the procedure?

Approximately 30 minutes.

Nose thread lift

What are nose Thread Lift?

Nose thread lift is an effective treatment for people seeking non-surgical alternatives to rhinoplasty. Non-surgical nose thread lift uses dissolvable threads made of a complex sugar called PDO (polydioxanone), which has been safely used over the years.
his material is non-allergic and non-antigenic, and is also completely biodegradable, meaning

Benefits of Nose Fillers

  • Convenience: nose thread lift is much less expensive than a traditional rhinoplasty
  • Very safe and effective
  • Immediate visible results
  • Minimum downtime
  • Patients can resume work and normal activities almost immediately
1. Is procedure painful?

You may feel some slight stinging during the anaesthesia injections, but afterwards you should not feel any pain from the threads. Our experienced doctors use special techniques during the procedure to minimise any discomfort. 

2. Any down time?

Mild bruising, swelling and tenderness are expected after the procedure, which will resolve within a few days. 

3. What can I expect after the procedure?

Results from a nose thread lift treatment can be seen instantly.

4. How long is the procedure?

Usually, this procedure will take approximately 30 minutes.

5. Is the procedure safe?

The nose thread lift is a very safe procedure, with no serious side effects. Mild bruising, swelling and tenderness are expected after the procedure, which will resolve within a few days.