Enlarged pores treatments in Singapore.

There are many factors such as sun exposure, excessive sebum, ageing and genetics that leave large pores on skin.

Enlarged pores can affect anyone’s skin despite the age. However, pores often become larger with age due to loss of collagen and elasticity.

What are enlarged pores?

There are small openings on our skin to release oil and sweat. These pores can become larger in size and will clearly visible.

Enlarged pores is a condition that presents commonly in Singapore and many people seek treatments to reduce the size of their pores to ensure a smooth and healthy skin.

What are the causes of opened large pores?

  • Sun Exposure
    Prolonged UV exposure causes a disruption to the collagen and the pores that are around the dermis will be damaged and become open and larger.
  • Escessive seabum
    Excessive Sebum production directly contributes towards developing enlarged pores when excess oil gets clogged in pores.
  • Ageing
    The skin loses its elasticity with age which can cause your pores to look bigger than usual
  • Large hair follicles
    Pores can also be identified as opening of hair follicles since every hair follicle is positioned under a pore. Therefore, when the size of hair follicles are large, the size of the pores will also be large.

How to treat enlarged pores?

Our treatments aim to remodel the skin, giving it a tighter, more refined look, and clear any blockages that could be causing the pores to stretch and appear larger.

Hydra Facial
Our 4-in-1 multi-action facial to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, firm up, renew, and deeply hydrate the skin, which will improve enlarged pores.

Laser treatment including 3D Pico glow
Long wavelengths of lasers will get to the deep depth of the pore resulting in shrinking pores due to the heat and energy.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels contain acids like beta hydroxy and salicylic acid. Salicylic Acid can really help the skin to reduce the oil flow and therefore assist in the reduction of pores.

Collagen skin boosters
Improve in skin elasticity and collagen level will directly assist in reducing the enlarged pores.

Other medications will be prescribed by our experience doctors on a case-by-case basis.


Can i close my pores?

Unfortunately, the pores cannot be closed. However, the pore size can be reduced with our treatments that gives a smooth and natural skin.

Is the treatment Painful?

There are different treatments that use to treat enlarged pores. Laser treatments may feel slightly tingly and pricky and its tolerable. We also apply numbing cream before the procedure to provide you extra comfort during the procedure?

Is there any downtime?

Our doctors are highly qualified to provide you the service with no downtime or minimal downtime of 2-3 days of redness.